Natasha Watson Clinical Herbalist
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Initial Visit

Your initial visit will be the longest, and you can expect it to last about an hour and a half. This is because I will be taking your full medical history and performing any relevant physical tests. Physical exams may include: blood pressure reading, urinalysis, nerve testing, range of motion assessment, etc. After this assessment I will design a specific treatment protocol for your unique situation. This may involve lifestyle recommendations, diet changes, supplements, and herbal formulations. I make all of my own herbal products by hand, and your formula will be made after your first visit. The initial visit comes as part of a package which includes your first follow-up appointment. After the first visit you may be sent home with a list of additional information to gather, and then in a week or two we will meet for a follow-up appointment. You may receive a herbal remedy in your initial visit, but it is more likely that I will need to make you a special formula and in this case you would receive the herbs at the next visit.

Long-Distance Consult

If you cannot come to the clinic in person a consultation can be done over the phone or on Skype. With this method I cannot perform any physical exams, and there may be a shipping cost associated with any herbal remedies dispensed. This is still a valid method of consult, though I always prefer to see clients in person for a more thorough consultation. *Currently I am only
offering virtual consultation (or phone
consultation) due to the pandemic). Exceptions
can be made if necessary.*

Follow-Up Appointments

These visits will be scheduled at regular intervals to assess progress, and to address any new health issues that may arise. Length of treatment varies, but you will enjoy increasing vitality and health throughout the course of treatment. Follow-up appointments last between 15 and 30 minutes. If you are just dropping-in to pick up a refill on your formula there will be no consultation fee.


*Prices are now on a sliding scale on a case-by-case
basis due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I intend to
make herbal medicine accessible to as many people
as possible at this time* Stay safe! * Initial consultation* $135.00 (Students and Seniors $115.00) Follow-up Appointments $35.00 (Students and Seniors $25.00) Herbal remedies additional (Typically between $15.00 and $50.00 for one month) *You only have to pay this fee once, any appointments after this are follow-ups. Prices include all applicable taxes. At the clinic I accept cash, credit cards, and eTransfers.